Responsive layout Responsive layout

WeBoard's responsive layout enables you to view your boards on any device scaled to the devices proportions. No matter if you are using a desktop, mobile or TV device, this allows you to keep track of the board state in real-time easily.

Since most users today access the web from mobile devices, we found it neccessary to enable our users to view their boards from any device at a good perspective from which they can easily keep track of what's going on in a board. So we built WeBoard to adjust and scale to the screen size of the device that you are using.

The responsive layout removes the annoyance of always having to reposition your viewport or zoom in or out to view your board properly on all devices. This enables all board participants with whom the board is shared to see the board scaled to the viewport of the device they are using.

The feature is meant to enable easy viewing of lectures and meetings while on the move and makes for a better collaborating and drawing experience!

Browser support

Browser Support
Chrome Chrome True
Firefox Firefox True
Opera Opera True
Safari Safari True
Edge Edge True
Internet explorer Internet explorer True
Chrome mobile Chrome mobile True
Firefox mobile Firefox mobile True